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Youth Media Initiatives

BNN youth media initiatives provide opportunities for young people to grow and reach new levels of accomplishment and maturity while developing storytelling and digital media skills. We provide an extensive summer program and often collaborate with youth groups from across the city on special projects.

BNN Youth Media InitiativesInFocus Youth Media

The InFocus Youth Media club is a four-week summer intensive multimedia training program focused on giving youth hands-on experience in video and television production.  Youth will have an opportunity to learn basic scriptwriting, camera, audio, lighting, hosting, and interviewing techniques while producing their very own BNN television show. Additional specialized skills will be acquired in Field Production, which includes editing.

 BNN Youth Media InitiativesExtraHelp

ExtraHelp is a weekly television series providing homework help to Boston students.  For over 20 years, elementary, middle and high school students have been able to call this live show from home to receive homework help from teachers in Math, Science, Language Arts and Reading. 

 BNN Youth Media InitiativesBoston R.O.C.K.S Summer Block Parties

Each summer our mobile production truck travels to Boston ROCK’s events in neighborhoods all over the city. Young people work behind the cameras, perform in front of them, gain insight about how TV programs are created, and learn that this is something they can do themselves.

BNN Youth Media InitiativesMayor's Game of the Week

We produce Game of the Week in partnership with Boston City TV and Boston Public Schools. Over 50 programs each year showcase the talents of dedicated student-athletes and present action-packed high school games for sports fans to enjoy. 

For more information, contact our Youth Programs coordinator:

Monique Douglas


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