Boston Neighborhood Network offers an array of services and resources to Boston residents, nonprofit and community organizations, public agencies, institutions and the general public to meet your production needs including:

  • Teaching you how to create your own TV program
  • Cablecasting and streaming your existing programming and PSAs on our channels
  • Videotaping and cablecasting and streaming your community events
  • Helping to promote your event by placing it on our Community Message Board
  • Having you appear as a guest on our daily news program, Boston Neighborhood Network News
  • Producing a program or PSA for your organization
  • Renting our equipment and facilities or hiring us to produce a professional quality video

And we have the state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and facilities to make it happen. What’s more, our services and resources are very affordable. Membership and training workshops are inexpensive, and there is no cost to use production equipment.

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