Unique Opportunity for Roxbury Organizations

Roxbury Digital Gallery

Roxbury Digital Gallery

The Roxbury Digital Gallery is a new initiative made possible by the generous support of the Roxbury Trust Fund.  Boston Neighborhood Network, with the Roxbury Digital Gallery, aims to share information about Roxbury people, arts, happenings, cultures and history by incorporating digital photos and artwork to be featured on BNN’s cable channels and website.

The Boston Neighborhood Network Roxbury Digital Gallery will: 
• Provide new tools and means of distribution of community information, creative expression and public dialogue.
• Increase public awareness, both within and outside of Roxbury, about the heart and vibrancy of this community and the opportunities it holds.
• Create and preserve an accessible, digital self-portrait of a community.

We invite you to take advantage of the following services to share Roxbury events, services and resources with the rest of Boston:

Utilize the Community Message Board: BNN can your get your message out to over two-thirds of Boston’s households using our Community Message Board. BNN’s Community Message Board is an effective way to use cable television to expand public awareness of your programs, extend your services, and reach out to targeted constituencies, including ethnic language communities. You can create your own Community Message Board announcement, we can create on for you, or you can send us your video PSA.

Post Job Opportunities: Are you hiring? Market your job opening to potential applicants. The Roxbury Digital Gallery Job Board is a fast, free, and easy way to share your employment opportunities with the city. Send your complete job listing to rdg@bnntv.org using the BNN Job Posting form.

Send Us Your Pictures: BNN would like to showcase selected pictures of people, landmarks, artwork, parks and activities in Roxbury on our channels and website as part of the Roxbury Digital Gallery. Send your pictures and a brief photo description to rdg@bnntv.org.

Interested In joining the Boston Neighborhood Network Roxbury Digital Gallery network?
Download and Complete the Registration Form >>

For more information about the Roxbury Digital Gallery, please e-mail us at rdg@bnntv.org.

We look forward to working with you to develop this exciting new service on behalf of the people of Roxbury.


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