Workforce Readiness at BNN

Boston Neighborhood Network is Serious About Your Success!

The Online Learning Readiness Program (OLLR) at Boston Neighborhood Network is a workforce readiness program geared at helping job seekers enhance and acquire new computer and professional skills. Participants receive a brand new netbook for $50!

OLLR participants are looking to become more attractive to prospective employers, improve computer skills, create effective resumes, cover letters and more. A signature program under the City of Boston's Sustainable Broadband Adoption Initiative, OLLR is a twelve-week, web-based curriculum developed by the Timothy Smith Network.

OLLR Participants Can Expect To:

  • Learn how to become successful in an online learning environment
  • Become proficient in using email and the internet
  • Acquire basic technology skills in Micrososft office programs
  • Understand "cyber-safety"
  • Create materials needed for job searches
  • Learn appropriate workforce readiness skills and techniques such as interviewing and time management

OLLR at Boston Neighborhood Network is eager to assist adults looking to learn how to use web-based technologies in order to prepare for future employment.  The program, sponsored by a grant from the Department of Commerce, is free of charge.  Graduates are eligible to receive a netbook with a $50 co-pay.

Next Twelve-Week Program Cycle:

March 19 - June 12, 2012
Monday - Thursday
9:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Interested in participating in the Online Learning Readiness Program at BNN, contact us:

ollr@bnntvorg or 617-708-3241

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