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In this issue:

Patricia Lee - Exhibit in the BNN Neighborhood Art Gallery
Althea Blackford in Potent Magazine
Eleni Vidalis celebrates 20 Years
Bostonian Rap
Disability News and Views

"Peter And His Pals" is a BNN Community TV show where children can have fun while learning valuable lessons. Producer, Peter Sheridan, promotes reading and learning with puppets. Every episode features music and usually two stories about Billy Boy, the main puppet Sheridan uses as a vehicle to teach children......

Classes and workshops in social media, writing, photography, animation, media making and more. 

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Featuring CCTV Producer Elaine Hall-Corbin
Elaine Hall-Corbin has always enjoyed art and speaking with people. Her show, Artists of Color, on BNN Community TV, allows her to combine these two passions into a TV show for others to enjoy. Artists of Color is an art and cultural program that features people of color, generally from the Dorchester and Roxbury communities. All different types of artists are featured on the program, from visual artists, to musical artists, to poets.

Britannia “Brit” Johnson’s priority is to show youth they have a voice through media. “There are not a lot of young people in media today, especially producers who are young black females who are graduates and family oriented” she says. When she is not working on her TV show, Brit is educating young people directly at community centers, holding workshops about how to get involved in media work.

An Interactive Workshop at BNN TV
Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at 6 pm

BNN Connection is a weekly column in The Boston City Paper about what is going on at BNN. Issue July 25, 2015

BNN Connection is a weekly column in The Boston City Paper about what is going on at BNN. Issue July 18, 2015