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Learn how to edit professionally. Classes start in June - beginner or intermediate. Marinah Janello is the instructor. More info here.

Join BNN and get the training and tools you need to become a media maker! We offer a wide range of training opportunities, access to state-of-the art facilities, equipment and software, and access to our cable channels and website for distribution. 

Please visit the BNN Neighborhood Art Gallery  Open to the public during operating hours. May and June artists are from Canvas Fine Arts.

BNN is proud to be part of ArtWeek Boston celebrations from May 1 to May 10. Artweek, presented by the Highland Street Foundation and produced by Citi Performing Arts Center, offers an exciting selection of more than 125 events in 45 neighborhoods and towns. Each event will give you a unique, unexpected and creative experience. So if you are interested in cultural activities, these are the events you don’t want to miss.   

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Celebrating 30 years of Community Media, BNN continues to provide quality media services to Boston residents and community groups with training on the latest digital media technology and access to our cable channels and website.

 Award-winning Series Spotlighting Boston Visionaries

Boston Profiles series celebrate people with passion who have identified problems and have taken action to solve them in innovative ways.

Local artists can share their artwork on BNN's walls, channels and website

"We are one Boston. No adversity, no challenge, nothing can tear down the resilience in the heart of this city and its people." 

-2013, Mayor Thomas Menino

ExtraHelp is a weekly, live, homework hotline television series providing help to Boston students. Elementary, middle and high school students can watch the show and call or email ExtraHelp teachers to receive help with their homework, help clarify a problem they may be having in a particular subject or prepare for MCAS and SAT tests.